Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Adsense policies Updated to include more link units

Google Adsense has updated their policies yesterday. You have to adhere to their policies as binding and accepting their policy change is also a policy that you agreed upon.

Google Adsense has widened their webmaster guidelines. The publishers must bind and confirm to the technical guidelines and as well as the quality guidelines. The good thing in this policy update is that you can include Three Link Units in a page.

Link units are a great way to provide relevant, user-friendly ads in hard-to-fit locations on your site. Previously, only one link unit can be added on to a page. This update allows the publishers to include to almost three link units. So, it is up to the publisher to choose their link unit positions. We have the options of including it in the footer, header and sidebar each. I hope you will find great ways of incorporating these link units making your site more enhanced to look at.