Sunday, 10 June 2007

Features of Microsoft Acropolis

Microsoft has finally announced publicly during this week's TechEd 2007 about Microsoft Acropolis. Microsoft Acropolis is a set of components and tools that make the developer and client easier to build and manage modular, business focused, client .NET applications. Acropolis is a part of ".NET Client Features". It builds on the rich capabilities of Microsoft Windows and the .NET Framework, including Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), by providing tools and pre-built components that help developers quickly assemble applications from loosely-coupled parts and services.

In order to work on Acropolis, you need Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 and also the new version of Microsoft Visual Studio named Orcas Beta 1. If you have all these, then download Acropolis from
Download Acropolis from Microsoft Site

Get a Video on Introduction to Acropolis from Microsoft Site


Features of Acropolis

 Acropolis overturns the way organizations design, develop, configure, deploy and manage their application solutions.

  • Acropolis brings Windows Forms closer to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Its a user interface API which brings all the ingredients required for business enterprise applications. Acropolis makes it more easy and gives a way to incorporate these parts into their new applications
  • We can easily create complex, business concentrated applications with ease and can also build reusable and connectable client application modules
  • Integration with other applications like Microsoft office and stand alone client interfaces
  • Using XAML, the User interface of the application can be easily enhanced by the built-in themes and designs.
  • Also includes some of the features with fewer lines of code like the navigation workflow and custom views.
  • Maintaining the applications would be easier and the tasks of updating and deploying the applications can be done speedily.

Download Acropolis from Microsoft Site