Thursday, 28 June 2007

Low cost IQ PC from Microsoft in India

Microsoft has launched low cost PC in India. It was named IQ PC and having plans to start selling through computer retailers, bookshops in Bangalore and Pune. These systems were aimed at students from kindergarden to 12th grade.

IQ PC was built upon AMD processor and comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows Vista Basic Edition, Office, Encarta, Works and Student 2007 and third party software like exam preparation, English learning programs and other. They are looking at a starting price of around Rs. 21,000 ($513) which may come down in future.

Send Video mails with Azooca

Want to send video mails to your friends and relatives, then Azooca is for you. Azooca is a new video mail service that has been launched recently. Currently, there are others like Springdoo, EyeJot and Gabmail provide the similar services. All you need to have is a web cam and a Azooca mail account.

Azooca provides 250 Mb of free space for its users. Compared to today's mail providers like Gmail with 3 Gb and Yahoo with unlimited storage, 250 Mb thinks of running out of space for storage. It has a mail composition window where in three controls are provided to record, play and stop the recording. Users can preview the video before sending the mail. You can Import and Export email contacts.

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