Monday, 11 June 2007

Generate revenue online with Tumri

Here is another site which offers to make money online. Tumri, a merchandising network offers to generate revenue for our blogs and sites. It is similar to eBay and Chitika, but offers a rich UI to the users. The ads are attractive and gives a different look when compared to other revenue generating sites.

Unlike Google, where it generates contextual ads, the publisher has to select the category which suits his/her blog. Tumri calls the ads as AdPod's. Tumri offers hundreds of product categories containing over 10 million products from 2300 merchants like Walmart, Sears, BOSE, etc.,

Sign up for a Tumri Publisher account

One good thing about Tumri is that it offers customization. Let's say if we want to create an AdPod related to Digital Cameras, we can

  • Select Categories - select differnt products like cameras, flowers, computer perepherals etc.,
  • Select Merchants - can select and exclude different merchants like Amazon, etc.,
  • Select Price Range - can select the price range of the products that our blog ad display
  • Select with Keywords - can select our ad display products based on the given keywords

Features and Benefits

  • Has wide network with millions of products from thousands of merchants
  • Has the freedom to select different product categories that can be added to our blog
  • Has rich interactive UI that makes click rate better than before
  • Has good reporting about your ads revenue
  • Easy to create and deploy into the blogs

See the Tumri AdPod

In few more days i will write more on Tumri as i have started using it now. If you want to join Tumri, Sign up for a Tumri Publisher account and find ways of integrating Tumri AdPod's onto your site. Happy earning...