Tuesday, 26 June 2007

FireFTP - FTP Extension for Firefox

FireFTP is a firefox extension for free, secure cross-platform FTP client which provides easy access to FTP servers. It's a easy add-on so that, you can transfer files to and fro without leaving the browser. FireFTP offers many features that a normal FTP client provides. Some of the features are

  • Quick and efficient
  • Multiple login accounts
  • Directory comparison
  • Synchronizing directories
  • SSL encryption
  • File hashing
  • Resume downloads
  • Import/Export list of FTP sites
  • Logging

Install FireFTP extension

After installing this extension you can access FireFTP by clicking on Tools menu and selecting FireFTP. Also, FireFTP toolbar extension is also available and can be installed from mozilla site.

Screenshots of FireFTP

Transferring Data quickly and efficiently

Accessing FTP servers made simple

Managing files makes it easy with FireFTP

New Compatibility Feature in Visual Studio 2008

Recently, Microsoft has released it's new version of Visual Studio i.e., Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.  This new version is named as "Orcas". One of the new feature of Visual Studio 2008 is the ability to target multiple versions of .NET framework with your application. One of the problems with Visual Studio 2005 is that it only allows you to develop applications in .NET framework 2.0. It is not compatible to its earlier version of .NET 1.0.

Here comes the nice feature in Orcas. So, if you have an application which is built on .NET framework 2.0, and if you have installed visual studio 2008, you can continue to work on the application built on .NET 2.0. If you want to upgrade your project from .NET 2.0 to 3.0 and .NET 3.5, you can achieve this by simply changing the target framework version in the project properties. This doesn't mean that there wont be upgrade issues to think about, but at least you don't have to change tools and upgrade your projects to see what happens when you upgrade to the latest framework - which should make the upgrade process significantly easier.