Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Download SEO page rank tool

Looking for a good software to check your page rank in popular search engines like google, Yahoo and Live Search. SERPs Finder is a free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool which exactly does this for you. It allows you to check your page rank for a given search query. It is very easy to use and its size is around 40Kb.

It's a simple exe file which has two inputs. One is your site/blog url and the other the search query string. It has the options of querying in different search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Live Search. Once upon clicking OK, it searches for the search string in the search engines and then pops a message box showing your page rank position. It also opens the default web browser and browses the page of the selected search engine and shows where your page positions in the search engine site. I have downloaded and tested the tool. Here are my findings.

This tool is incredibly fast and depends on your network connection. It analyzes the first 1000 pages of the search results and if your page doesn't show within 1000 pages it shows a message that your page is not within that 1000 page result. Overall, it is a good SEO tool to try it out.

Download SERPs Finder