Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Google Earth Outreach Introduced

Google has launched Google Earth Outreach, a new program designed to help the nonprofit organizations around the world giving the power of Google Earth to illustrate and explain what they do. As a nonprofit organization or a group, you can use Google Earth to capture the work you are doing, the people you are helping and all visually. Just create your own KML files and submit to Google Earth. Several Tutorials and examples help you to know about KML files and creation of KML files. You can find tutorials and examples at Tutorials Section. Know more about KML and the tags used by accessing the KML reference section.There are many categories where your files get placed like

  • Social Services
  • Environment & Science
  •  Public Health
  • Education & Culture
  • Global Development
  • Current Affairs

You can find examples at Google Earth Outreach Showcase. If you want your content to be submitted to Outreach, submit your KML files here.

About Google Earth

Google Earth makes world's geographic information easily accessible and useful by making maps and the power of searching through satellite imagery. Google Earth can be downloaded at

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