Saturday, 2 June 2007

My First Gear

Google is yet again geared with a new launch "Google Gears". It is currently in BETA. It is actually an open source web browser extension that adds the offline features for the web applications. We know that the browsers have a "work offline" feature where in we access web pages without internet connection. The similar concept is extended by Google as Gears. It has the capability of storing and serving the working web applications locally. Also has a relational database to store data. Uses javascript effectively for lightening responsiveness.

Download Google Gears (BETA) for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you are interested looking at the source code and really wants to contribute you can have a look at Google Gears Contribution Site.


Dutt said...

Yes, This is nice feature,
Here I would like to add some more details.
all we know Google Reader is one of the RSS popular reader. Here in this google reader new hyperlink "Off Line" has been added. If you click on this it asks for installing google gear. it automatically installs Google gear software and gives the fecility to Google Reader to view the feeds off line.
Thanks Eshwar for greate your First Post. keep it up.
I hope this site would be top in future.

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eshwar said...

Thanks Dutt for all the support and hope your site would be much popular than mine.