Friday, 13 July 2007

Chat with Google Talk in Eclipse Europa

Eclipse, a popularly known IDE for Java programmers has recently released its new version called Europa. Europa features 21 Eclipse projects for software developers and is more than double the size of last year’s record-setting release.

ECF is a collection of communication and collaboration tools. One of these is support for talking to any XMPPS (Jabber) server. Given that the popular Google Talk system uses XMPPS, we can easily configure Google Talk to run inside an Eclipse view. If you haven't installed ECF, here are the steps to install ECF.

  • Goto Help -> Software Updates -> Find and install
  • Drill into 'Search for new features to install'
  • Select Europa site(
  • Click Finish
  • Download Core feature and download examples also if you need
  • Restart Eclipse once done

Switch to 'Communications' perspective in Eclipse. Clicking on the arrow will show a drop-down menu with IRC, MSN, XMPP, XMPPS and BitTorrent. Select XMPPS (encrypted version of XMPP) and it asks for username and password. Enter the email address as words. For example, is to be entered as eshwar dot gupta at gmail dot com. If you find any problems try eshwar dot gupta at talk dot gmail dot com. Once clicking on 'Finish', shows your contacts view. You can also set your status using the drop-down menu. Besides this, ECF also supports IRC. Try it out.


Scott Lewis said...

Hi Eshwar,

Thanks for the blog posting about ECF...I'm the project lead.

One error I would like to point out that has caused some the sentence: "If you find any problems try eshwar dot gupta at talk dot gmail dot com." actually the isn't correct, as for ECF to reach google talk accounts all that is necessary is to use (for example)

scottslewis at

Trying scottslewis at will not work.

Again thanks for the blog posting, and I hope you will try out our latest version 12/14/2007 ECF 2.0M4

vicarum said...

hi, i tried the ECF using Europa, but i cannot connect to gtalk using the steps u provided. So could you please send me the steps again.Also can i connect over secure network?
thank you.