Friday, 21 December 2007

New Version Microsoft Office "14"

Recently Microsoft released  and also Office 2007 earlier this year. Well, according to sources Microsoft is planning to release the next version of Office in the fall of 2009. It was currently termed as Office 14.

Office 14 ?

14 signifies the version number. During the development of Office 2007 codename was termed Office 12. The next major version 13 has been skipped. The number "13" is known unlucky and ignored due to superstitious reasons.  Microsoft is spending a lot on Office 14. The total R&D investment is expected to be around $930 million per year. The Beta 1 version of Office 14 is slated in the first half of 2008.

Key Areas

The current focus points for Office 14 would be:

  • Enterprise Content Management - Planning to integrate more intelligent management of complex documents and content.
  • Manageability and Security - Securely manage and deploy by integrating Sharepoint and assist global deployments.
  • Communication and Collaboration - Keeping communities, co-workers, partners, and customers in sync
  • Business Process and Business Intelligence - Make the right information available throughout the business process.
  • Tools - Provide tools for individuals to be productive and effective. Improving the search relevancy and also providing self and community based help options.
  • Office Business Platform - To make it simple to build client and web-based business applications.

Office 14 is in its initial stages of development and expected to reach the Beta version by 2008.

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